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Promod 4.31 Hotfix veröffentlicht
20.02.2009 - 15:42 von Jockel


Die Modder Jaymie 'Carlisle' Clifford und Jasdev 'JUSZN' Virdee haben ihre Promod für Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in der Version 4.31 veröffentlicht. Mit diesem Hotfix wurden ein paar weitere Fehler behoben. Die Changelog der Version 4.30 findet ihr hier.

Changelog - Promod 4.31 Hotfix
  • Shellshock added to prevent sprint glitch at start of rounds
  • Custom ruleset iwd can now be editted to suit your server preferences (public mode)
  • Public SD rounds fixed to mr12 from mr8
  • Backlot ambience issue fixed
  • IWD checksum security added to prevent any alteration/cheating on main files for promod
  • Shoutcaster overlay sorting display bug corrected

Changelog - Promod 4.30
  • Fully integrated Shoutcaster Overlay
  • Flash fix preventing players from becoming unflashed when a grenade tags them/blows up behind them
  • Added Noise/dink when shooting someone's head which differentiates the body sections
  • 3rd person smokeless muzzle flash introduced (Sight/Spotting Enhancement)
  • Enhanced multiplayer options
  • cg_viewzsmoothing value adjusting has been blocked to prevent abuse
  • Car doors/bonnets will now instantaneously vanish when cars explode
  • Assault & SMG hitbox damage amplifiers to Legs/Arms/Feet/Hands have been dropped from 1.0 to 0.7 for improved aimbased hitbox, chest/neck & head retain same values as promod 4.22
  • Planting during timeouts blocked
  • All gametypes fully functional again
  • More compact HUD
  • Opponent will no longer hear the bomb drop sound as the bomb is planted<
  • Name changes during ready-up-period will change instantly
  • The "Please do not cheat" display will display what's command needs changing
  • Menus will no longer close itself when the round is over
  • Server DVAR monitor has been implemented!

Download: Promod 4.31 Hotfix

Quelle: TEK9 Networks
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